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Cost models help you determine the incurred costs of a project, activity, or client. Based on these incurred costs, you can investigate different scenarios and get insight into how much you spend to satisfy a customer. Even though many businesses get by without cost models, not knowing exactly how you spend your money can be a big risk. CostPerform is the solution for cost and performance management and provides the insights you need to keep your business profitable in a highly competitive world.

What are the benefits of cost models?

Cost models are essential for businesses in every market. For manufacturers, cost models help optimize production processes and identify opportunities for cost reduction within inefficient departments. For service-based organizations, they provide more insight in the cost of providing services for certain clients. With cost models, you can efficiently calculate your costs.

One of the greatest benefits of using cost models is that they give you the ability to base your business decisions on their outcomes, allowing you to set profitable prices for each product or service. The careful assessment of all the costs throughout the process allows you to see what kind of return you can expect on the investment.

Additionally, cost models limit risk in innovating your process. They provide great projections of future financial impacts from different scenarios. By forecasting the impact of changes in business operations, you get insight into decisions about investments, expansions, and other strategic moves.

CostPerform takes your costing to the next level with cost models. We developed our software to give you insight into the costs and performance of your business. It can also help you by looking into past costs and by giving predictions to help you make future decisions.

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CostPerform’s cost models

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Get more insight into your costs and reduce inefficiencies.

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CostPerform is competent in various cost models.

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You can innovate based on cost calculations.

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The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Examples of cost models and how they help your business

There are multiple kinds of cost models, and the choice of these models depends on a variety of factors, such as the nature of an organization, the types of products or services you offer to your customers, your target market, and the goals of your business. The software of CostPerform is suitable for all kinds of goals, markets, organizations, and complexities. With our industry templates, you have an easy starting point in analyzing your costs and performance. You also have the chance to use different cost allocation models and methods like multi-dimensional costing, time-driven activity-based costing, and capacity management. This way, your business can grow and you can optimize your cost and performance.

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