Short success stories

Smart functionalities

Telcom South Africa has used CostPerform since 2011. CostPerform was chosen because of its ease of maintenance, the ability to perform varied scenarios and its array of rich and smart functionalities. While Telcom started to use CostPerform to meet regulatory obligations, it is now used to support transfer charging between business units, forecasting and management accounting. It meets all regulatory reporting requirements, including CCA and LRIC.

Predict invoices

A logistics company used CostPerform to predict the upcoming invoices from their suppliers and found errors in the invoices, saving large amounts of money that exceeded the costs of CostPerform many times.

Better quality with less effort

Most insurance companies need to show cost transparency to regulators. One of our clients even has to report to three standards (GAAP, IFRS and Solvency). On top of that, our client also needed better performance improvement information. After a short implementation period, the client now has one set of figures in a single cost model, powered by CostPerform. With CostPerform, they comply with reporting requirements of regulators and use the software to improve their business. Thanks to having a single source of cost allocation information, the client improved the quality of reporting and saved money providing the information. Better quality with less effort, CostPerform was the right choice.

Less setup, feed and maintenance time

All national Banks in Europe need a conceptual cost accounting framework to comply with bank regulations. They also need to improve their operational efficiency and cost efficiency. One of the central banks selected CostPerform to replace their old cost allocation tool. The newly designed and implemented cost accounting model resulted in a significant decrease in setup, feed and maintenance time, provided self-reporting opportunities for all business users and allowed for fully compliant regulatory, as well as management, reporting in a transparent way. The client stated: “It’s great when a good plan becomes an even better reality.”

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15 years of CostPerform

DICTU is the Shared IT Service Centre for the Dutch Police. Serving over 65.000 police workers, DICTU is one of the major IT service providers in the Netherlands. CostPerform is used to charge out IT services to internal customers, and their product catalogue contains over 60 service items, mostly police applications. DICTU has used CostPerform since 2005.

Gaining performance insights

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is a multi-faceted organisation that protects and promotes U.S. agricultural health, regulates genetically engineered organisms, administers the Animal Welfare Act and carries out wildlife damage management activities. The organisation uses CostPerform to calculate unit costs for its services and to gain performance insights.

CostPerform since 2015

The Federal Protective Service, part of the Department of Homeland Security, protects Federal Facilities, their occupants, and visitors by providing superior law enforcement and protective security services. Since 2015, the FPS has used CostPerform to charge out their services to their clients in the most transparent way.

26 models in 6 months

The Navy Recruiting Command has a CostPerform powered supply chain model that integrates total and unit cost of processes, capacity relationships and attrition rates. It’s being used as a planning model and as a stage to drive Lean Six Sigma projects and pilot studies across the 26 Navy Recruiting Districts. The Command modelled 26 Navy Recruiting Districts, Regional HQ and Central HQ in 6 months. Two models were designed: a historical model that can be updated each year, and a planning model that forecasts for the next year.

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First time in history

One of our biggest clients in the US stated that, with CostPerform, it was the first time in history that they could show the US Congress the complete cost of readiness of their services.

Model of choice

A European bank-insurer claimed they are the first to report costs to regulators for IFRS, GAAP and Solvency, using one cost model only. CostPerform’s model was their best choice.

Saving IT resources

A European bank saves 3 weeks of valuable IT resources every quarter compared to their old (black box) allocation tool because their controllers can now - thanks to CostPerform - run their own cost models in just 2 hours.

More transparency

One of our telecom customers claims they avoided a $1.000.000 fine from the regulator because CostPerform did what it promised: deliver the required report on time with more transparency than before.

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