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The perfect tool to improve performance and outperform the competition

By effectively managing costs you can improve your company’s performance and outperform the competition. And with CostPerform’s cost management software, it’s easier, more transparent, less risky and more fun than creating a spreadsheet in Excel.

Managing costs (and capacity) is one of the most important and complicated parts of running a business. That is why having the right cost management software at your disposal is equally important, especially when you’re running a business with thin margins. These companies can only survive if they become cost leaders, selling products with the lowest production cost per unit. To find that ‘sweet spot’, improve performance and outperform the competition, you need CostPerform’s cost management software. Here are 50 reasons to implement it in your company. 

Why you should use cost management software

To gain cost insights

CostPerform’s cost management software lets you visualize the cost structure of your company, giving you valuable insights into cost and capacity flows. With those insights, you can find answers to any cost and performance question, resulting in the know-how of where to make changes to improve business performance.

To gain cost transparency

Having insights into, and understanding the cost structure of your company, makes it easier to convince and to be transparent to stakeholders, shareholders, regulators and colleagues that aren’t finance-oriented. Without cost management software like CostPerform, it’s almost impossible to get those detailed insights.

To make decision-making easier

You’re planning to introduce a new product, working on process improvement plans or negotiating with labour unions? With CostPerform’s cost management software, you can create and simulate future cost scenarios, see what happens to the costs, workloads and profits and use the insights to make decision-making easier.

With CostPerform’s cost management software you can get a grip on your company’s costs, improve performance and outsmart the competition

The right cost management software

CostPerform offers cost control software that’s unique, state-of-the-art and affordable. With it, you can get a grip on your company’s costs, improve the transparency and performance and outsmart the competition in just three steps.


Get a grip

The art of managing costs starts with getting a grip on your costs. By analyzing how the outputs of your business are delivered in terms of used activity and capacity of your resources, you gradually learn to understand the true cause-and-effect costs relationships of your company. With CostPerform you can record these relationships and use them to calculate unit costs and the net margin of your products. CostPerform also discloses the unused capacity of your resources. Eliminating this is the first step to managing your costs like a pro.


Use that grip to improve performance

The next step is to use the insights from your cost model to explore the best options to improve your company’s processes. Eliminate redundant process steps, reduce idle capacity, substitute high costs resources with low costs one’s. Use your predictive and capacity-based cost model to find the right options and improve business performance.


Outsmart the competition

The final step is to incorporate the cost management process in your planning and control cycle as an automated step. Getting quick, precise and actionable cost performance information with minimum effort allows your company to improve permanently. Your competitors will try to do the same, but with our software, you can outsmart and thus outperform them.

The conclusion on cost management software

To summarize, effective cost and capacity management is crucial for a thriving business, particularly with slim profit margins. CostPerform offers advanced cost management tools that enhance business intelligence, boost cost transparency, and simplify decision-making. This empowers businesses to excel and surpass their competitors.

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