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Thanks to our ability to handle the extreme complexity of network costing, LRIC (Long Run Incremental Costs), and other Telecom-specific challenges, CostPerform has become the current market leader in Telecom cost management. Today, more than 20 Telecom companies use CostPerform for regulatory and business economic purposes.

The complexity of Telecom cost management is caused by a combination of specific characteristics. Among those are: Extreme capital intensive networks, Different competitive market situations (Incumbents versus new entrants, Wholesale clients are retail competitors, etc), Products (MB, minutes, texts, etc) that are packaged in almost unlimited combinations and last but not least, regulatory pressure around pricing for network usage. Therefore Telecom cost management revolves around three themes: pricing, efficiency and regulation.

Three unique features for Telecom cost management

The Telecom sector is known for its complex costing and cost management requirements. A complex sector needs the ability to handle complex cost models without losing track or transparency. CostPerform allows for these requirements through three main basic elements:

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Telecom companies who found answers with CostPerform

British Telecom (BT) uses CostPerform for all their regulatory reporting requirements. Being the large incumbent provider of Telecom services, BT services as an example for the UK. BT has started using CostPerform as a replacement of their former costing system, highly reducing calculation times and running costs. Read more about CostPerform’s integration with BT.

Vodafone Global used CostPerform to evaluate the economic performance of their major corporate clients. By creating a detailed cost model and collecting data from 7 different countries, Vodafone Global was able to tell which corporate clients were most profitable ánd why. Insight into the drivers behind profitability, enabled Vodafone Global to change their pricing plans and operational handling for these clients, benefiting both parties.

TOT Public Company Limited, a Telecom company located in Thailand, needed CostPerform to advise the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission on the correct cost per unit of land-line products. TOT used the Long Run Incremental Cost approach, a feature that you can only find in the CostPerform software.

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How CostPerform benefits
Telecom cost management

CostPerform handles complex short-term and long-term calculations.

CostPerform handles complex short-term and long-term calculations.

Use CostPerform for both client:plan profitability

Use CostPerform for both client/plan profitability, as well as regulatory reporting.

Design your own Long Run Incremental Cost method.

Design your own Long Run Incremental Cost method. 

The flexibility of CostPerform

The flexibility of CostPerform allows for designing multi-layered cost models with unlimited number of attributes.

CostPerform provides a large variety of different reports.

CostPerform provides a large variety of different reports.

CostPerform Telecom cost management clients

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