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Discover our predefined methods and templates for your cost management initiatives

One of CostPerform’s unique features is that it is designed and built to serve any cost allocation method. However, this doesn’t mean you have to create your own methods from scratch: CostPerform also comes with predefined methods and industry templates that are commonly used in your sector or industry. This is the easiest way to start your cost management initiatives and the best way to benefit from our extensive experience in the specific domain.

Here are the most commonly used, cross-industry cost allocation methods and industry templates:

Time-driven Activity-Based Costing

Every organization has activities that can be identified, measured and thus improved for better business performance. Using time-per-activity standards as a cost driver to products is a method that opens up the way to variance analysis and process improvement detection, giving you the possibility to make activities more efficient and effective.


Capacity Management via CostPerform is all about giving you exclusive insights into the way your company’s capacities are being deployed. Not only does a better-managed capacity lower costs directly by constantly removing bottlenecks, it also improves customer experience because of better service, a shorter time to market and faster delivery.

Multi-dimensional cost & profitability

Multi-dimensional Costing (MDC) is one of today’s most advanced and precise costing methods. By precisely allocating costs to dimensions like ‘Customer’, ‘Country’, ‘Sales channel’, ‘Client group’ and ‘Product’ and then allocating the costs of each dimension to the sales transactions, you end up with significantly more precise cost allocations and better insights.

Technology Business Management

TBM provides a framework for understanding the relationships between the primary processes of the business and the level of IT spending. Our template offers you a TBM compliant cost model. Loaded in CostPerform, it provides the essential financial and operational tooling to implement the TBM framework within your organization.

Regulatory reporting

Regulators can be very strict and demanding when it comes to cost-allocation reports. Telecom and other utility companies have to comply with these requirements or face very high penalties. Our telecom and utilities template models help you cope with complex demands and transparency needs in an efficient and effective way.


Today, most webshops facing thin margins on their goods can only be profitable if their ‘cost-to-serve’ is as low as possible. Our cost-to-serve template model offers a solid, rich and detailed multidimensional cost model, perfectly suited for managing cost-to-serve in a professional and beneficial way.

Other methods and templates

CostPerform can handle any method and industry, and for most situations we can provide specific example methods and templates that best fit your needs. Just ask!

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