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Software to Manage Costs and Performance

CostPerform in detail



  • Multiple cost accounting methods.
  • Create your own cost accounting method.
  • Capacity and time driven ABC calculations.
  • Activity-based budgeting, forecasting and simulations.
  • Multiple cost models, multiple periods per model.
  • Multidimensional and conditional cost allocations.
  • Multidimensional net margin analysis.
Allocation methods

Allocation methods

  • Push costs object to objects using any unit of measurement.
  • Push costs to multiple objects by distribution.
  • Pull costs by a target object using a cost driver.
  • Pull costs by multiple objects by distribution and cost driver.
  • Pull costs by conditional driver. Logic-based assignments.
  • Push and pull reciprocally.
  • Aggregate costs to parents via object hierarchy.
  • Push to and pull from Big Data (transactions); also conditional using query search logic.
  • Shadow values to gain extra insight in your costs.
Calculation functions

Calculation functions

  • Use costs at rate.
  • Use a full costing rate.
  • Use a given or calculated rate.
  • Use an additional charge.
  • Conditional / rule based.
  • Multidimensional allocations, pull and push.
  • Reciprocal calculations of costs and capacity needs.
  • Powerful validation of errors.
Multi dimensional

Multi dimensional

  • Handle large sets of input data like sales transactions, order lines, etc.
  • Allocate to multiple dimensions like "Product", "Customer", "Sales channel", "Country of sale", etc.
  • Auto update cost models straight from the transactions and update the transactions with costs-per-dimension values, total costs value, and margin value.
  • The result tables are stored in the CostPerform database, ready to be analyzed in the pivot function and be picked up by any OLAP tool for analysis.
  • Stable on memory, regardless of the number of transactions to process.


  • PowerPoint style presentations linked to cost model results.
  • Display any value in a graphical manner.
  • Use hyperlinks to refer to other whiteboards, bookmarks and more.
  • An excellent tool to communicate results with your internal clients.


  • Setup and execute what-if scenario's on every costmodel/period.
  • Any combination of object and (input) attribute can be used as an input meter.
  • Change input values to see the effect on the requested output values.
  • Get answers to questions like: "What happens with the unit cost of product X if the expected sales volume drops by 10%" and: "How many extra FTEs do we need to fulfill this new order".
Data entry

Data entry

  • Complete manual data entry possible, Excel style.
  • Custom data entry screens / tabs.
  • Flexible columns display.
  • Web based data entry via Portal.
  • Work flow controlled acceptance of changes.
  • Multilingual user interface.
User management

User management

  • Multi user.
  • Multi role (admin, developer, viewer and portal users).
  • Set access to lowest object level.
  • User specific desktop and folder structures.
  • Load profiles / sub sets of models.
  • Grant access based on attribute values / conditional access.
Importing data

Importing data

  • Extract Transfer and Load tool inside to automatically Import complete cost models.
  • Extensive and user friendly data integration tools (wizard style, task list based, drag and drop).
  • Import from Excel, delimited text files (CSV) and ODBC compliant database.
  • API (Application Programmer Interface) available to handle complex data cleaning and conversion situations.
Export data

Export data

  • Export complete cost models.
  • Export all data with user defined formats and task lists.
  • Export with multi-layer auto-format for easy dumping data to OLAP tools.
  • Export full allocation paths to and OLAP cubes format (Excel, Qlikview, Cognos etc).
  • Application Programmer Interface available write reports to Excel in exactly the format required.


  • Built-in report generator for listed reports.
  • Alternative costs flows via shadow attributes.
  • Built-in pivot tables and graphs.
  • Interactive rollup and drilldown reports.
  • Bookmark and publish reports.
  • Browse reports via HTML, CSV, TXT, Excel and via the Web Portal.
  • Electronic whiteboard to create model-linked PowerPoint style management reports.


  • Built-in charts generator.
  • Bars, scatters, pies, lines, areas, waterfall charts.
  • Easy to customize and save.
  • Export to PNG format.
  • Bookmark and publish on the Web portal.
Interactive analysis

Interactive analysis

  • Graphic cost flow generator.
  • Graphic object navigator.
  • Detailed Rollup and drill down analysis.
  • Built-in Pivot table handler.
  • Audit trail capability.
  • Trace back to object’s origin.
  • Easy to understand.


  • Pivot attributes until you reach the information you need.
  • Save and reuse pivot settings.
  • Assign pivot settings to users.
  • Export pivot to Excel.
  • Bookmark and publish pivot on the Web portal.
  • Easy to use, no setup required.
What if analysis

What if analysis

  • Calculate cause and effect.
  • Show results in charts.
  • Conditional formatting on whiteboard for scorecard style reporting.
  • Combined screens of dashboards and whiteboards.
Web based portal

Web based portal

  • Data capture via tablet.
  • Workflow controlled input.
  • Reporting via publications.
  • Browsing and analyzing results.
  • Recalculate models.


  • API for scripted task automation, data conversion and specific functionality.
  • Start a script via the command line.
  • Start script via custom icons.
  • Create additional functionality yourself.
  • Library with more than 50 scripts available.
IT architecture

IT architecture

  • Three-tier architecture.
  • Windows client.
  • JBoss application server included.
  • Databases supported: SQL server, Oracle.
  • Standalone option.
  • Written on the Java platform.