Telecom cost management software for your commercial and regulatory modeling

The Telecom sector is known for its complex costing and cost management requirements. A complex sector needs the ability to handle complex cost models without losing track or transparency. This is where Telecom cost management software comes in.

Use of Telecom cost management software

There are two large categories of use for Telecom cost management software: regulatory reporting and determining customer profitability.

Regulatory reporting

The first category of use for Telecom cost management software: regulatory reporting. Regulators – especially in the Telecom sector – can be quite demanding when it comes to cost-allocation reports. You either have to comply with these requirements or be faced with very high penalties. Regardless of the complexity of their demands: transparency is the top priority. The CostPerform Telecom cost management software template models can help you cope with the complex demands and transparency needs in an efficient and effective way.

(Customer) profitability

The second important use of Telecom cost management software is profitability: from customer to product or plan profitability. Do you have insight into which customer or which customer segment yields the most profit? It’s important to base the next steps for your business on facts and figures instead of feelings and guesses. These insights allow for easier and better decision-making when deciding what’s next: what client segments should you invest in, focus on, or pay less attention to? What service or plan yields the most profit?

Three unique features of CostPerform Telecom cost management software

We’ve established that the Telecom sector and the word complexity are inextricably connected: you’re dealing with regulators’ requirements, as well as gaining insights you need into your profitability. That’s why you need telecom cost management software that gives you the flexibility and options you need and facilitates optimizing your cost and performance management. Here are three features in CostPerfoms Telecom cost management software that allow you to take that next step:

  1. CostPerform offers great flexibility in modeling. Our Telecom cost management software provides a multi-layered model. Telecom cost management models usually require up to 10 to 20 layers, CostPerform does not limit you in any way: not in the number of layers, not in number of attributes, nor in number of periods to be calculated.
  1. The Telecom specific model requirements like LRIC, SAC and MC are integrated modules in our Telecom cost management software, on top of the FAC Model.
  1. CostPerform connects to your existing datasources. This can be done through direct datasource SQL queries that can be setup and scheduled in CostPerform. We also offer an API to set up your own connection methods. Alternatively, we provide data-upload and data entry possibilities, combined with workflow approval.
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