Customer profitability

Manage cost-to-serve in a professional and beneficial way

Every year, consumers buy more goods via the Internet, making, logistics companies the most important link in the supply chain. Today, most webshops facing thin margins on their goods can only be profitable if their ‘cost to serve’ is as low as possible. Although ‘same-day delivery’ has a competitive advantage, it also puts high pressure on the logistic processes and increases the cost to serve.

Our cost-to-serve template model offers a solid, rich and detailed multidimensional cost model and is perfectly suited to manage the cost-to-serve in a professional and beneficial way.

Maria Roat

“CostPerform allows us to comply with OMB directives, and gives us the flexibility and information we need to optimize IT spending across the agency.”

Maria Roat,  SBA Chief Information Officer

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is encouraging agencies to adopt Technology Business Management (TBM) strategies by 2022. While some agencies are just beginning to take tentative steps to initiate TBM projects, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is a shining example of one farther along in its implementation and sustainment journey. 

Most important
Customer profitability features

Customer Profability

Whale-curve has helped many companies steer towards success

Customer Profability

Insights in your loss-making products versus profit-making products

Customer Profability

For professionals tooling that offers multiple dimensional costing is an absolute must

Customer Profability

Exclusive insights on your costs and performance flows

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