Software to Manage Costs and Performance

SAP PCM conversion

As you might know, SAP PCM’s mainstream maintenance will cease to exist at the end of 2020.

If you’re looking for a replacement of your SAP PCM system, CostPerform is your best choice. Not only is it competitively priced, it would also be a functional upgrade over SAP PCM.For example:

  • Unlike PCM’s fixed dimension assignment levels (Resource, Activity, and Cost Object levels), that force problematic reassignments when more levels are required, CostPerform provides unlimited native cost assignment layers.
  • Plentiful CostPerform cost assignment options, conditional assignments, and straight forward custom formulas provide superior capability than PCM rules, and are easier for non-technical modelers to use.
  • CostPerform provides ability to assign costs from and to folder levels of resource, activity and cost object hierarchies. PCM only allows making assignments from end object to end object level.
  • CostPerform provides multiple options to visually see the flow of resource consumption and cost assignment, including a pivot view similar to PCM, plus a predefined schematic view and ability to create a custom interactive flowchart view.
  • The CostPerform ETL capability within the solution is much easier to use than PCM’s DataBridge.

A number of our CostPerform clients are previous SAP PCM users. We were able to quickly convert their SAP PCM model into CostPerform and upgrade their cost model into a more transparent and up-to-date system. In CostPerform these clients are now able to link models, perform predictive analytics and analyze capacity utilization. These clients are also no longer dependent upon external reporting systems, because CostPerform’s internal reporting capabilities allows them to replicate all reports they were used to and more.