CostPerform Certification Program: Get Certified!

Many experienced CostPerform-users & implementation partners experience the need to demonstrate their proficiency in our software. For example, when recruiting or applying for a job that requires CostPerform experience, or when submitting a bid for an implementation of our software. Thus, we proudly present our Certification Program. The Certification Program tests your knowledge of all our key features. You will be asked to complete a model, build an ETL, design reports and use the Portal for data entry and publications. Your work will be reviewed and if you pass the test, you become a Certified CostPerform User and receive a certificate.

Any CostPerform user is welcome to obtain CostPerform certification. The certification is especially recommended for implementation partners since the certification will prove your proficiency to clients. If you’d like to follow the Certification Program, please send an email to

Please note: this program is not built for those who are still new to CostPerform. Introductory courses are available on

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