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CostPerform and Acorn both provide cost and performance management software that tailor to specific business needs. On this page, we’ll dive deeper into the main features and key differences between CostPerform and Acorn. This way, your business can make the right decision for your cost and performance management.

About the CostPerform solution

The CostPerform solution consists of cost and performance software to answer the most complex cost and profitability questions. Our advanced tools enhance business intelligence, boost cost transparency, and simplify decision-making. CostPerform offers unique features for any cost allocation method and comes with multiple industry templates, making it an easy way to start your cost management initiatives.

About Acorn (IgniteTech)

Acorn is a Time-Driven Activity-Based-Costing (TDABC) platform that distills and attributes costs of delivering products and services. With this software, businesses obtain customer insights for direct and indirect costs, using business-specific models that take into account nuances of account processes. This provides businesses with accurate information to make informed decisions and develop the right pricing strategies.

Main features of CostPerform

Future Cost Scenarios

Create future cost scenarios with intelligent simulations

Cost Structure

Visualize the cost structure of your company

Cost Allocation

Use predefined cost allocation methods and industry templates

CostPerform Acorn
Comprehensiveness +++ ++
Endorsement +++ +
Customizability +++ ++
Transparency +++ +++
User-friendliness ++ ++
Scalability ++ ++
Specialized shared service management ++ +++

The key differences between CostPerform and Acorn

CostPerform offers a more comprehensive and widely endorsed solution than Acorn. Due to its many industry templates and customizable features, it’s very user-friendly and a great way to benefit from extensive experience in specific domains.

Just like CostPerform, Acorn provides complete transparency into costs and profitability, but also offers more specialized (shared) services. For example, Acorn has a dedicated tool – the Shared Services Manager – which is designed to manage and simplify shared services cost allocations.

Making the right choice for your business

Both CostPerform and Acorn offer robust features tailored to specific business needs. If your organization prioritizes specialized shared service management and needs a dedicated team to guide you throughout the whole project lifecycle, Acorn might be the better choice. On the other hand, Costperform’s wide range of features, industry templates, and professional endorsement make it a comprehensive and reliable choice for diverse cost and performance management initiatives.

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