ADJD Launches ‘Mezan’ Project

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has launched the ‘Mezan’ project for the calculation of government services costs through the application of CostPerform. Mezan calculates costs by providing the latest in data analytics, reporting, statistics and comparisons at all financial levels. This can provide a comprehensive perspective on the actual costs of services. By providing information on which fees need to be collected, Mezan can ultimately help contribute to a reduction in service fees.

Mezan supports ADJD’s continuous efforts to provide world-class services. Implementing Mezan will help ADJD to complete its goal of developing the judicial district to align with the ambition of the Abu Dhabi government to become one of the top five governments in the world.

Costs of all services
This project is considered one of the largest projects launched by ADJD, which is one of the first government agencies in the Gulf and Middle East region to implement such a project. Mezan provides detailed information and analysis on the costs of all services provided by the department. Detailed information on services will impact decision making and ultimately help achieve the department’s objective of being a fair and complete judiciary system.

Mezan assists in calculating costs by establishing a comprehensive study of all aspects of a department through specialist, data-collecting workshops. All of the collected and classified data can then be applied to a model which best calculates costs. Well defined costs will allow decision makers to focus more on fulling their goals, rather than worrying about inaccurate cost models.

Mezan also allows the comparison between procedures, helping to select the simplest, easiest and least cluttered method

The simplest and easiest method
Mechanisms for updating costs are established yearly by developing data models and linking them to the cost accounting system. Updating these mechanisms ensures report accuracy and keeps the department up to date on the latest cost developments.

Mezan also allows the comparison between procedures, helping to select the simplest, easiest and least cluttered method. This shortens procedure time and leaves extra space for determining and comparing the costs of certain services, whether they be through electronic platforms or in-person.

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Discover how CostPerform supports the Dubai Department of Finance (DOF) in benchmarking and comparing key cost indicators across government entities.

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