Why CostPerform is the tool of choice for meeting regulatory reporting obligations

Discover why international companies like BT, Ooredoo, and OTE have chosen CostPerform as the tool of choice to meet regulatory reporting obligations.

CostPerform has developed telecoms and water industry templates that can easily be modified by customers to meet regulatory reporting obligations and provide actionable commercial insights. These templates include cost models, data collection templates, and reporting templates, and they can be applied to fully allocated cost models, current cost accounting models, and LRIC models. This allows clients to either create regulatory models from scratch or to easily convert existing systems, whether spreadsheet-based or using another costing tool. Our team has extensive experience in telecoms and water costing and we’re able to assist both clients and their consultants.

Unlimited layers and reporting attributes

There are a number of reasons why CostPerform is the tool of choice for meeting regulatory reporting obligations: unlimited layers allow for modeling complex networks; unlimited reporting attributes allow regulatory reports to be produced exactly as required (no external manipulation necessary); formula attributes allow transfer charges (either Cost Plus or Rate Based) to be calculated within the cost model; an LRIC module allows pure LRIC, LRIC Plus, and Standalone Costs to be calculated (based on complex non-linear cost volume relationships); and ease of amendment and speed of calculation allows effects of methodology changes to be easily assessed.

Additionally, the high levels of transparency within CostPerform provide clients with a high degree of ‘auditability’. For more info on cost transparency, visit our cost transparency page.

Client examples

A number of companies have switched to CostPerform to massively reduce IT costs, reduce run times, and improve transparency. Here are three examples of companies who did. If you want to join them, please send us a contact request.

Britisch Telecoms

BT (British Telecoms)
BT replaced it’s existing regulatory accounting software with CostPerform, enabling transformation within the team. CostPerform is used to produce the Regulatory Financial Statements as well as support forecasts and (future) scenarios.


Ooredoo (an international telecommunications company from Qatar)
CostPerform has been implemented in two separate entities (FAC, CCA, and LRIC). This is to satisfy regulatory requirements and also to help drive strategic regulatory direction.


OTE (the largest technology company in Greece)
CostPerform was implemented as a part of a corporate-wide program to report on enterprise, product, and customer segment profitability and to support regulatory reporting requirements. The models comprised management accounts and regulatory accounts based on FAC, CCA, and LRIC.

TBM whitepaper

Download the whitepaper to learn everything about our TBM software

Contains more information, TBM pricing, and a client case.

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