A brand-new release: CostPerform version

A brand-new release: CostPerform version

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring you the best software, we have just released version This is a small release that fixes a total number of twenty issues that have been found after the latest major release. This blog highlights the most important fixes.

Before you read on
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The most important improvements are described below. For the full list, check out the readme file on our website.

Reporting improvements
There are several improvements for roll-ups and drill-downs, mainly when using the new and enhanced grouping functionality. CostPerform is also better able to handle objects with (close to) zero costs (when positive and negative costs cancel each other out). This also resolves an issue where there could be a difference in costs for the breakdown view in the Navigator.

Technical improvements
CostPerform could report that it doesn’t have enough memory to continue, while there’s plenty of memory available. The expiration date of temporary licenses could be incorrect. We’ve also improved the security of exporting files from the Portal and made sure that Excel files are no longer locked after having been accessed through the API. Finally, there was a problem with the CostPerform server not starting when using an SSL certificate.

ETL improvements
The performance of reading records from a database has been greatly improved, as has the robustness. Some issues with handling columns marked as Text have been resolved as well. Tooltips of ETL elements were missing some information, and it is now possible to clear the values of properties of ETL elements.