Cost Model Maturity scan

How mature are your costing endeavors?

Discover the maturity of your costing endeavors

Whether you are a multinational company with 10,000+ employees or lead a medium sized company: insight into your costing and profitability (direct and indirect) is always important. This scan gives you the insights you need to determine where you stand with your current costing and profitability endeavors and what it takes to level up.

In just 33 simple questions, we determine the maturity of your current cost modeling endeavors. We look at your maturity from three different angles:

  • Your cost modeling methods,
  • The repeatability of your efforts,
  • The usage within the organization.

3 angles of cost model maturity

Cost Model Maturity scan - Angle


Cost Model Maturity scan - Angle


Cost Model Maturity scan - Angle


Leveling up

Are you able to model cause and effect relationships? How is the output of your models being used: are the results used just by central controllers or are local controllers and department heads involved to realize profit improvements? How often and how automated do you update your cost models? 

Insight into the maturity of your cost modeling endeavors not only identifies areas in which you can improve or build upon, but also can show you new opportunities.

Cost Model Maturity scan