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Acorn conversion

As you might know, the underlying MS Sql Server 2008 database of the Acorn Systems EPS solution, now owned by Ignite, will no longer be supported by Microsoft after June of this year (2019). Ignite is requiring existing customers using the EPS version to upgrade to their PA5G version, typically with a migration cost and change from a perpetual license to an annual subscription at a substantially higher price. If you’re looking for a replacement of your Acorn system, CostPerform is your best choice. Not only is it competitively priced and a perpetual license, it would also be a functional upgrade over Acorn.

  • Unlike Acorn’s fixed assignment levels (Department, Support Resource, Activity, and Cost Object levels), CostPerform provides unlimited and flexible native cost assignment layers.
  • Plentiful CostPerform cost assignment options, conditional assignments, and straight forward custom formulas provide capability to accomplish Acorn style equations, including time-based.
  • CostPerform provides ability to assign costs from and to folder levels of resource, activity and cost object hierarchies. Acorn only allows making assignments from end resource and activity object levels.
  • CostPerform provides multiple options to visually see the flow of resource consumption and cost assignment, including a pivot view, predefined schematic view and ability to create a custom interactive flowchart view. Nothing similar is provided in Acorn.
  • The CostPerform ETL capability within the solution is much easier to use than the SQL Server skills required with Acorn.

We are able to convert Acorn models into CostPerform and incorporate their V-shaped cost object structure into CostPerform’s “Big Data Layer”. Acorn’s equation logic and formulation can also be converted into CostPerform by using “Conditional Distribution” (to filter out the relevant objects to allocate to) in combination with “Formula Attributes”. The result will be a cost model with similar allocation logic that is actually more transparent and easier to explain and communicate within the organization. Additionally CostPerform is designed and purpose-built to perform predictive analytics, what-if scenarios and analyze capacity utilization.