Webinar | July 1st | 1.30 PM Dubai time

Everything you need to know about Technology Business Management

Most organizations struggle with the way the increasing cost of technology (IT) is being managed. Technology Business Management (TBM) provides a standardized language for business and technology leaders to jointly manage IT spending for both running and growing the business.

Why use TBM?

TBM provides a framework for understanding the relationships between the business’s primary processes and the level of IT spending. In many industries, IT is becoming the company’s primary process and needs to be managed as such. TBM allows the business and IT to speak the same language and grow the business together. And while growing the business, both parties can look at innovation possibilities through a common lens.

TBM even allows for business agility discussions by adapting the IT cost structure to the appropriate cost variables. Our cost & performance management software comes with a TBM template that offers you a compliant cost model, providing essential financial and operational tooling to implement the TBM framework within your organization. This framework can be implemented to allow you to, for example, manage all your cloud suppliers, and reconcile their costs according to their detailed billings.

What can you expect from this webinar?

Partner Lightidea

In this webinar, organized with one of our implementation partner Lightidea, we’ll cover the principles of TBM and the impact it can have on your business. Of course we won’t just talk about the TBM framework and taxonomy, but we also share information about the practicalities and how to use TBM to your advantage.

IT services

An introduction to TBM, what, how and especially: why.

regulatory reporting

Benefits of using TBM for your business: improved transparency, linking the business and IT, better insights.


How TBM software by CostPerform allows you to peek into the future.

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