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Helping you answer your cost and profitability questions with financial transparency

You are looking for a solution which helps you interpret your financial data, so you can determine which of your products and services are the most profitable. We help you achieve financial transparency with CostPerform.

Our solution is the perfect tool to get a grip on your company’s costs, improve performance, and effectively outperform the competition. Our software gives a complete insight into the costs and profitability of your products and customers, which allows your business to make data-driven decisions that help you grow.

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Easy To Use

It’s intuitive and easy to use

State Of The Art

State-of-the-art algorithms

Cost Transparency

Complete cost transparency

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Easier decision-making

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Why CostPerform is the right choice for your business

CostPerform offers multiple cost accounting and allocation methods, smart calculation functions, analysis and simulation tools, and more. Our solution allows you to visualize all the building blocks of your company’s cost structure, now and in the future. Thanks to its comprehensiveness, intuitiveness, and ease-of-use, anyone can quickly start finding the solution to the most complex cost and performance issues.

Our unique software works with smart and proven calculation algorithms, easily handling any cost allocation method. It also gives you complete cost transparency, making it ideal for communication with stakeholders. Whether you’re introducing a new product or working on process improvement plans, our software provides the insights you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Trusted and used by more than 200 organizations and 600 consultants across the globe

The CostPerform solution

Our solution allows you to visualize all the layers of your company’s cost structure and create and simulate future cost scenarios in terms of workloads and profits. You gain valuable insights into the very complex cost and capacity flows of your organization. With complete insights into your company’s cost structure, it’s easier to convince and be transparent to stakeholders, shareholders, regulators, and colleagues outside of finance.

CostPerform comes with predefined methods and industry templates commonly used in your sector or industry. This facilitates an efficient and easy implementation of our software for your business, making it the best way to start your cost management initiatives. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience and expertise, CostPerform helps you improve your performance – regardless of the field in which you operate.

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