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Software to Manage Costs and Performance

CostPerform functions

Create and use your own costing method

Create and use your own costing method

  • Unlike every other cost management software, CostPerform is not limited to any one costing methodology.
  • Use simple push style methods or advanced smart, rule based, capacity driver methods.
  • Create the costing method that fits your needs and data availability.
  • Grow to a better costing method step by step.
  • Use CostPerform for operational as well as strategic purposes.
  • No limits in terms of method complexity
Forecasting costs and capacity needs

Forecasting costs and capacity needs

  • Use your pull model to forecast future costs based on expected volumes.
  • Estimate cost and capacity needs.
  • Rolling forecasts possible.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Easy to use.
Multidimensional capabilities

Multidimensional capabilities

  • Analyze your outputs from multiple perspectives
  • Automatically generate cost objects from your transaction file
  • Conditional allocation to high volume transaction-based datasets.
  • Automatic update of content and attributes.
  • Multidimensional, pivot style analysis of allocated costs revenues and margins.
Capture and process budget information

Capture and process budget information

  • Contact colleagues and request update on budget parameters via the Web portal.
  • Budget owners can change their parameters and calculate the effect on costs, unit costs and capacity needs versus availability.
  • Each parameter change request is routed via a workflow control mechanism for controlled acceptance or rejection of proposed budget changes.
  • Dead line signaling and mail messaging status of the budget process.
Simulations and scenario analysis

Simulations and scenario analysis

  • Create unlimited numbers of scenarios.
  • Change volumes, consumption rates or any other variable.
  • Calculate and compare scenarios to gain understanding of the underlying costs and capacity effects.
  • Dashboard style interface
Monitor variances/variance analysis

Monitor variances/variance analysis

  • Compare budget-actual-allowed costs and capacity
  • Analyze Price-efficiency-volume effects
  • Analyze commercial variance effects (price/volume)
  • Customize the analysis to your own requirements.
  • Report in a Powerpoint style.
Analyze periodic results/performance

Analyze periodic results/performance

  • Cross-model and cross-period reporting.
  • Compare cost, unit cost and any other variable between periods.
  • Charts apply to multi-period reporting.
  • Pivot table function usable for multi-period analysis.
Report on performance

Report on performance

  • Whiteboard function to present scorecard style performance reports.
  • Automatic periodic publication to the web portal.
  • Automatic periodic mailing of performance results (scorecards, lists etc).
Feed results to systems

Feed results to systems

  • Use CostPerform as calculation engine and integrate its outputs with your existing ERP and or reporting platforms.
  • Flexible in its output formats.
  • Application programmers interface (API) for exact output formats and automatic population of databases.
  • Available OLAP exports for easy integration with OLAP reporting tools.
Conditional distribution

Conditional distribution

  • CostPerform can assign cost by using conditional distribution.
  • Distribution means you can assign to a folder and distribute to the children of that folder based on a distribution driver.
  • Instead of distributing to all children of a folder, you can also distribute conditionally when a condition is met, i.e. when a product belongs to a certain product group.
  • Distribution in general and conditional distribution in particular will smooth a model's period refresh and will be much more intuitive to an end-user compared to 'normal' assignments.