Software to Manage Costs and Performance

CostPerform overview

CostPerform to manage your costs, capacity, revenues and margins

Since 1992, CostControl has played a significant role in helping companies better understand their cost flow. Modeling and communicating causal relationships between a company’s output and required cost input has always been the basic added value of the tool.

In 2005 we changed our name to CostPerform. Where CostControl supported only Activity-Based Costing, our brand new product, CostPerform, is completely costing method independent. With highly flexible and complex computational structures our CostPerform software supports client companies across many industries. Our clients use CostPerform for diverse reasons, from calculating unit costs and net margin, to performing advanced long-term simulations and life-cycle costing, to proofing proper costs allocation for regulators such as in the telecom industry.

Supports any cost accounting methodology

No matter what kind of costing methodology you use, CostPerform can handle it. Our uniquely flexible structure allows you to adapt an existing method, mix methods, or create your own costing method. Exactly as you want it.

The idea behind this flexible, adaptive approach goes back to when our directors all worked as cost management consultants. In many cases they encountered costing tools with fixed methods although their clients had other ideas on how to do proper costing. The need for flexibility was realized in the unique, simple but brilliant design of the CostPerform tool.

With our growing list of customers across widely varied industries, we have proved that CostPerform’s design copes with any method for any costing purpose in any industry. From manufacturing to healthcare, from city councils to federal government, from universities to telecom companies, you name it, we're there.

At an optimal price functionality ratio

The Cost of Costing must be in balance with the added value any costing project will bring. Compared to other cost management software tools, CostPerform has a relatively low price. If you consider the total cost of ownership, CostPerform beats any serious competitor. If you also take into account that Costperform can grow with your needs, we are confident that an investment in our software tool is a sound one. Many of our clients agree with this conclusion!